5 Beauty Secrets Of Famous Hollywood Celebrities

Having beautiful looks is no less than a blessing. A beautiful person is not the one, who has exceptionally attractive features but a person, who has taken care of his/her skin and body, is considered to be presentable and appealing. You might have longed for having beautiful looks like Hollywood celebs have. If yes then here I am leaking out their untold beauty secrets.

1. Keeping skin well oiled/moisturized

A well moisturized skin ages very slow and looks fresh. Many renowned Hollywood starts use olive oil as skin moisturizer. It has anti oxidant agents that helps fight the signs of aging and keeps the skin well hydrated and moisturized. Different vitamins that are present in olive oil, like vitamins A and E help in keeping your skin rejuvenated. Hollywood celebs like Miranda Kerr, Liv Tyler and late Elizabeth Taylor, they all have a beauty secrets one of the best secret is usingĀ of olive oil.

2. Well toned skin

Hollywood celebrity Scarlett Johansson pays a lot of importance to her skin toning and she picks up all natural ingredients like apple cider and even fresh lemon juice. She once said that if anyone has a problematic and sensitive skin then a person should definitely add this ingredient in her daily beauty routine. Moreover, she also added that acid present in lemon and vinegar can make skin more sensitive to UV rays. So it’s important not to forget applying sunscreen afterwards.

3. Well trimmed body

Jennifer Aniston fans wonder how her body is so well toned and trimmed. Her yoga instructor once disclosed that she is religiously dedicated towards her yoga sessions. She does yoga 3 to 4 times a week. Trainer of Mandy Ingber once said in an interview that she practices yoga while travelling as well.

4. Get perfect pout

Pouty lips look very sensual and attractive. Brigitte Bardot is one of the examples of 1960’s, who had sexy pout. If you do not have natural pouty lips, you can make it. Apply foundation on your entire face and lips as well. Now apply lip line beyond your natural lip line. Choose the color that is slightly darker than your lip shade. Apply lip color on lips and give a little touch of gloss in the middle of lips.

5. Big No to alcohols

Blake Lively, who has babyish skin, once said that she had never consumed any type of drug or alcohol ever in her life. Her diet is all natural and that is the utmost reason of her fresh and younger looking skin.

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5 Beauty Secrets Of Famous Hollywood Celebrities

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