No More Dark Patches Around Genital Parts

Girls often face the problem of dark patches around genital parts. Sometimes the skin gets its color back after a few days but sometimes the color stays there and the part looks different from other parts of the body.The reasons for discoloration are many and may sometimes be related to hygiene. During period days, excessive itching, rubbing against underwear or sweating cause the areas to turn dark patches . Poor hygiene like not washing properly while taking bath can also become the reason for dark patches on vagina.
Commercial creams do claim to whiten the area but risk of exposing the delicate part of your body to chemicals also make us wary of using market available products.For this purpose, the natural remedy works the best. Mix a handful of ingredients from your own pantry and all the dark patches will come back to the original color.

Which ingredients are required?

• 1 tsp yogurt
• 1 tsp milk
• ½ tsp lemon juice
• 1 tsp rice powder


• Make a paste by combining all the mentioned ingredients.
• Wash your vagina properly. Shave or wax it then spread this mixture around dark areas.
• Let the cream sit there for 20 minutes.
• Wash it with cold water after the set time.
• Use this remedy twice in a week but you will see the results from the first application.

Accumulation of dead skin makes the specific area either coarse or dark. However with regular exfoliation of dead cells will return the skin back to its real color and smooth skin texture. As the other body parts need care and moisture for nourishment likewise the private parts like vagina or underarms need special care for being cause of dark patches. Use Vaseline or light moisturizing formula to keep the skin of genital parts hydrated.

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No More Dark Patches Around Genital Parts

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