Remove Acne Naturally With Flawless Beauty Face Pack

A pimple once in a month is not a big problem than acne that stays forever and leaves undesirable marks on face. Spotless face is the dream of every girl and there should be no shame or hesitation of trying every effort to get it. A face pack consists of all natural ingredient treating acne is the magic paste which I think every girl should know and use for glowing and fresh skin. The best thing about this naturally removing acne face mask is that it’s non-irritating and doesn’t harm your skin at all.All the ingredients are easily available from the herbal medicine shop.


• 1 tsp of Sandalwood Powder
• 1 tsp of Neem Powder
• 1 tsp of Rose Powder
• 1 tbsp of Fuller’s Earth Powder
• A few drops of Rose Water


• Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
• Add rose water now to get a smooth paste consistency.


Clean your face first with a mild facial cleanser or facial wash. Dry your face and apply the smooth mixture you have prepared. Let it stay for 15 minutes till you feel stiffness on your face then wash your face using cold water.

Golden Benefits:

• Fuller’s earth nourishes skin deeply and helps to remove acne from its root.
• Neem powder consists of anti-bacterial properties that fight germs and dirt hiding in your skin pores.
• Sandalwood powder soothes skin and improves the texture of your skin.
• Rose powder is beneficial to improve face complexion and brings freshness on face.

All in all, this face pack removes the long-lasting acne problem without harming the cells of your skin and lightens the skin color to make you look bright and beautiful.
Use this face pack twice in a week to get best results in days.

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Remove Acne Naturally With Flawless Beauty Face Pack

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