Out Of Shampoo? Use Soda Drink To Shampoo Your Hair For Fantastic

Soda drinks are great to have with meals or serve for the guests but have you ever imagined shampooing your hair with your favorite soda drink?Many among you have heard of the medicinal use of soda beverages at the time of their invention. Following their success as a popular demand in restaurants or bars, the inventors commercialized these as soft drinks. However, a new dimension of soda bottles has now becoming famous on social media and that is switching hair shampoos for coke bottles. It claims to give a “never felt before” hair texture once you rinse your hair with it for the first time.How many soda cans you need to start this experiment? For shoulder length two cans are enough. For longer hair two 500 ml bottles will be required.

There are many tutorials in which soda wash is used to give tousled look but doing it yourself will be an amazing experience.
Before going into shower, pour over your hair a coke bottle or a number of bottles you think will be required for your length. Then wash your hair under water without using shampoo. Towel dry your hair first then use hair dryer or air dry your hair without using comb.
If you have seen your favorite celebrities using salt sprays over their hair to get styling done then just shampooing your hair with coke will give you the same result.
Will the carbonated concoction damage your hair? No! Instead your hair will feel light and a natural wave will be visible in your hair which you will want to have from your curl iron.
Try it once and share your experience in the comments bar! In case you’ve given it a shot before then share your result if you’ve succeeded or failed.

Out Of Shampoo? Use Soda Drink To Shampoo Your Hair For Fantastic

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